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ISPM-15 Heat Treatment And Kiln Drying



The Standart Declared By IPPC (Integrated Planet Protection Convention) in 2002 Which Regulates the Usage of the Wooden Material Utilized in International Trade Operations is Called ISPM-15. Aim of This Standart is to Eliminate Potential For Pests Found in Untreated, Imported Wood to Endanger the Tree Population of a Country and Threaten a Whole Ecosystem..
According to ISPM-15 Standart; Any Wooden Packaging Material Such As Pallets, Boxes, Crates and Blocks (Except the Ones Having A Thickness of less than 6mm) Must Be Heat Treated and Marked with Appropriate Label. Only Authorized Firms Can Apply ISPM-15 Marking. Heat Treatment Technique is to Increase the Core Temprature of the Wood Up to A Designated Level and Keep It Up For A Certain Amount of Time. For Considering a Wooden Material Heat Treated According to ISPM-15 Standart; Its Core Tempreature Should Be Increased Up to 56C For 30 Minutes.

OZTURE PALLET Persues Its Heat Treatment Operations According to ISPM-15 Standart Since 2004 With The Authorization Number TR-021. Heat Treatment Alone Does Not Achieve Drying of the Timber.

Kiln Drying


Kiln Drying: 
Kiln Drying is Used to Reduce the Moisture Content in the Wood. Pallets Are Stacked Inside Large Heating Chambers (Kilns), and Then Heated Slowly to Evaporate Excess Moisture. The Aim is Moisture Reduction, Not Pest Eradication. The Standard to Which Pallets Are Dried Will Vary Depending on Their Intended End Use. Kiln Drying is Crucial About Reduce Susceptibility to Moulds and Fungal Decay on the Pallets. Kiln Drying is Also Beneficial That Maximises Strength, Since Mechanical Properties of Timber Start to Increase As It Dries Below 28% Moisture Content.It Also Make Empty Pallets Easier to Move By Hand, Since Kiln Dried Timber is Lighter Than Green Undried Timber and Reduce Corrosion of Nails and Metal Fixings.
OZTURE PALLET Serving as a Kiln Drier of Wooden Pallets and Packaging Material With Its 350m3 Automated Kiln Driying Oven Which Has Approximately 1800 Pallets Capacity Per Operation Since 2004.

With OZTURE PALLET Expertise in Kiln Drying, the Service Will Be Tailored to Customer Requirements.